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Dear Art Educator,
     The classrooms are buzzing with art production, art ideas and art discussion. Students stretch their creative thinking in various ways and media with our guidance. It makes my day when I hear students explain, to me or a peer, their view of the current concept, or how they intend to manipulate their design
elements, or convey a certain look or viewpoint. Students are engaged in their work mentally and physically with themselves and others. It is this shared experience that is but one reminder of why we do what we do.
     I invite you to bring this dialogue and production out of the classroom to share with the greater community. YAM
objectives are: to recognize arts education and its value in developing our youths' creative minds as well as contributing to their overall shaping as they become global citizens; to provide additional opportunities in creative art learning, acknowledging that art is a "necessity for the full development of better quality life for all people"; and to increase community awareness and understanding of arts education, to broaden support and encourage commitment to the visual arts.
     Participating in YAM art activities promotes your classroom goals, efforts and production. It is a great way to share student thinking and art. Become a YAM partner this year.
Read on and consider committing to at least one YAM activity this year.

Seize the Art-full moment,


Douglas High School Art Teacher Debra Cusack

Winner of YAM Flag Design Contest     

Winners will soon be announced.  

YAM 2014 Theme~ Make an Imprint

     Oregon YAM wants to join in on your
students' discussion and production. Our state theme this year is "Make An Imprint". In every thoughtful discussion, critique and reflection, students' minds are imprinted with your teaching, and they make an make an impression with each creative work.

     In the words of our OAEA President, Christopher Shotola-Hardt, "As artists we make an imprint in the Rives BFK, or in the surface of the clay vessel. As art educators, our imprint is a lasting impression or effect in the lives and paths of our students. Imprint is a noun, and it's a transitive verb, as when Pulitzer Prize winner Ellen Goodman says, poetically, 'We imprint
our own ideas into acts.' Imprint has many synonyms and related words. Which of these do you like? track, trace, trail, footmark, footprint, path, tread; artifact, evidence, leavings, relic, remain(s), remainder, reminder, remnant, residual, sign, vestige; clue, cue, hint, indication, inkling, intimation, lead, suggestion; scent, shadow."

     Engage your students this year in making imprints that we can publish and promote across our state and national landscape- on the web and in the community. Encourage their participation in our YAM activities- FLAG DESIGN CONTEST and Create-It Art Activities. Art educators- you can inspire and inform students with the upcoming March Calendar.



Flag Design Template

YAM Activities Idea Sheet
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YAM March Calendar TEMPLATE

For templates, email YAM Chair
As a YAM activity visit the PORTLAND ART MUSEUM

Youth Art Month (YAM) was created in 1961 by the Council for Art Education, Inc as a national advocacy program. It is celebrated annually during the month of March, but highlights art successes that happen throughout the year. The Oregon Art Education Association (OAEA) sponsors the YAM program at the state level.



Year‐round Student Art Exhibit with OAEA's Digital Gallery

As Art educators - We instruct. We inspire. We share - our passion for art and kids by filling cyberspace with their creative works. Send me artworks, artist statement about the work and student, perhaps even a short anecdote regarding the work. Refer to the Create-It form and use the bottom half to provide information.


Did you find something of interest to try with your students? Have some ideas that you would like to share? Let me know your thoughts.

Send inquiries to: Luce Prats Harrington > luceoaea@gmail.com

Luce Prats Harrington
Oregon YAM Chair
Oregon Art Education Association

Have questions? Want to send in your art happenings?

Email Luce Prats Harrington, Youth Art Month Chairperson