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Do you have a something new, fun, and exciting that you’d like to share with your colleagues from across the state? A lesson, technique, process, or method which others could benefit from hearing?
Present at our state conference, October 14th - 15th, 2016!


OAEA invites you to connect with your fellow education professionals through the sharing of ideas and practices. The theme for this year’s conference is: OAEA is My Community. As art educators, many of us are often isolated in our buildings, misunderstood by our co-workers, struggling to be heard by administration. OAEA is how we support each other. OAEA is a place where we know we will find like-minded individuals who share our passion, creativity, and resourcefulness.

We’re looking for engaging and diverse presentations which:

  • Showcase strategies for designing curriculum and assessment that supports art standards;
  • Are project- or challenge-based;
  • Inspire leadership among art educators and/or students;
  • Engage in meaningful debate and dialogue about emerging issues and trends in the field of art education; or
  • Present diverse ideas in response to the idea of Community.

Submit your proposal by Monday, July 18, 2016, by filling out one (or more) of these applications:

Friday, October 14th 1-hour Presentation

Friday, October 14th 2-hour Presentation

Saturday, October 15th 3-hour Presentation

Saturday, October 15th 6-hour Presentation

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you have to share!

-The 2016 Conference Committee

Compensation Information: We are asking that Friday presenters offer their services free of charge as a professional courtesy to support and strengthen our fellowship. You will receive a $50-$100 materials allowance. Saturday 3-hr presenters will receive a $200 stipend and $200 materials allowance. Saturday 6-hr presenters will receive a $400 stipend and a $400 materials allowance.