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Why Join OAEA?

The mission of the OAEA is to advocate for the advancement and expansion of quality visual arts education in all schools. Why become a member of OAEA?

As an art educator and advocate, OAEA is YOUR professional organization. By joining you will receive all member benefits of both OAEA and NAEA. You will also be supporting a group that represents YOU with a strong voice in schools, communities, at the state level, and even at the national level.

It is true that many services that OAEA provides benefit all art educators yet we need your membership support to grow and strengthen what we do. Please consider joining the professional organization that represents YOU.

Active Associate Retired 1st Year Professional Student Institutional
$90.00 $90.00 $50.00 $65.00 $40.00 $215.00
  • Active: For art teachers, directors of art education programs, or those engaged in pursuits closely related to the field. Affords you all of the benefits of membership.
  • First Year Professional: For recent graduates entering their first year of teaching art. Valid for one year only. Affords you all of the benefits of membership except the right to hold national office.
  • StudentFor undergraduate and full-time graduate students pursuing certification/licensure as a visual arts educator AND who are not currently employed as a visual arts educator. Affords you all of the benefits of membership except the right to hold national office.
  • Retired: For retirees who have been a member of NAEA for a minimum of five years AND are no longer employed as an art educator. Affords you all of the benefits of membership.
  • Associate Non-Art Educator: For school personnel not actively engaged in the teaching of art and for all those interested in art education. Provides most benefits, except the right to vote, and hold national office.
  • Institutional/School-Based Partnerships: For institutions or departments involved with art education. One individual is appointed the designated contact and will receive all of the benefits of membership, except the right to vote and hold office. Includes a complimentary subscription to Studies in Art Education, one pre-paid national convention registration, and eligibility for NAHS sponsorship where appropriate.


Please Read Before You Continue:

When you click 'Join Online!' you will be brought to the National Art Education Association website. Our membership is handled through them. When you sign up you will be a member of both OAEA/NAEA.

Please make sure that you fill in the county that you teach/work in and the name of the school you teach at if you are a classroom teacher. It is not required information but it enables our county representatives to keep you up-to-date with valuable information!

If you are not sure which county you are in click here.

Questions or concerns about membership? Please don't hesitate to email our Membership Chairman.